About Us

About Diaku

Diaku is Data Governance software and consulting company. Diaku has a unique take on Data Governance with a focus on building a shared understanding of data within its business context first, so the most appropriate governance can be applied subsequently. Diaku has the methodology, expertise and software for its clients to unlock value fast and work towards lifting the data burden once and for all.

What makes us unique

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software puts understanding first. Better governance of core business facets like Data, Process, Data Quality, Policy etc. starts with better understanding the state of play today and have that shared understanding be the driver for a more joined up approach going forward.


The Diaku Data Governance team has over 15 years experience in designing, implementing and running data governance related initiatives and only data governance related initiatives.


The last thing you need is another programme disrupting your business. The Diaku Data Governance methodology leverages existing assets and initiatives.


We enable people to work together more easily across the data and business functional disciplines. Being connected becomes the norm, not the exception.

Value Driven

No data governance for the sake of data governance. Our approach and data governance software is value driven, ensuring the appropriate level of governance to unlock value in a sustainable manner.

Patrick Dewald Managing Director

Patrick Dewald is a Data Governance Architect and founding partner in the Diaku firm. He has a wealth of experience designing Master Data Management and Data Governance solutions for financial institutions.  
Patrick has been heading up Data Governance initiatives, designing and implementing group-wide data services from the ground up for the best part of 15 years. Patrick is recognised by its peers as a thought leader in the field of Data Governance.

Darius Clayton Managing Director

Darius Clayton is an experienced data professional and founding partner in Diaku. With a strong background in business transformation and outsourcing he brings a practical, value-driven approach to the data disciplines. 
Since 2007 his focus has been on data governance, collaboration, and the business view of the data asset. Darius has spent the last six years working with financial institutions to control and improve their data while delivering tangible business benefits.

Gary Chitan Director of Sales

Gary is a seasoned sales director with a wealth of experience in selling enterprise software solutions. With over 20 years experience in both manufacturing and service industries Gary has held a number of senior roles in the Pharmaceutical and Finance Sectors.

Barry Smith Regulation Practice Leader

Barry Smith has been a management consultant for 28 years, for the last 18 years exclusively in the financial services industry. Barry has wide experience of implementing change driven by regulatory requirements, and extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and financial products. In recent years he has carried out impact assessment and strategy studies related to Basel 3/CRD 4, EMIR, MiFID II, AIFMD and Dodd-Frank.
Barry has also carried out business strategy studies for institutions looking to launch new financial products covering product comparisons, competition analysis and regulatory constraints.

Our trusted partners

Diaku has partnered with firms that have their own niche and specialism. The combined value proposition brings world class data governance expertise as well as deep industry expertise to our clients.

Avantage Reply  Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting

With operations in Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh, London, Milan, Turin, Rome and Luxembourg, Avantage Reply is a consulting company that helps organisations bring a practical vision for integrated risk and performance measurement within a framework that creates shareholder value and economic profit.

Entity Group  Expert, Trusted Advisors

Entity are experts in Information Management consulting and solution implementation, with proven credentials in Data Strategy, MDM and Data Governance.

AdSatis  Financial Markets Domain Experts

Adsatis is a niche financial markets management consultancy based in London, with an international delivery capability. Our consultants are financial markets professionals and we have deep domain expertise that spans the financial market businesses, products and regulatory drivers that are shaping the industry. We specialise in Data Management, OneRisk and ClientCentricity and we work with many of the world’s leading financial markets organisations to help them define, manage and implement the change that is required to make them more successful.


What Our Customers Say

Diaku set out purely as a consulting firm of data scientists, master data and data governance practitioners. We found there was a structural need for a far more accessible understanding on data. We built the Diaku Axon Data Governance software out of necessity to allow our clients to structurally do better around data. Clients value our deep understanding of the problem space and how our approach and software strengthen one another.

Working with the Diaku team to roll-out data governance with Axon has been effective, fast, and fun!
The Diaku team and their Axon platform helped us break the cycle of chaos creation and establish understanding and responsibility around data.
Diaku Axon allows us to easily keep a current view of how data is being used today. This knowledge gives us the power to improve our organisation.
Diaku Axon allows us to easily keep a current view of how data is being used today. This knowledge gives us the power to improve our organisation.