Axon Reg Insight

Diaku Axon Regulation Insight

Axon Regulation Insight enables your business to manage its regulatory response in a fast, robust and traceable manner. Designed for both regulatory specialists and the business community that must assess, implement and comply with regulatory change.

The Axon platform enables the capture and decomposition of incoming regulation, supports impact assessment from business areas, and the smart design of implementation programmes that minimise disruption to your business. Accountable parties formulate strategic compliance approaches from this collective understanding, with full visibility of analysis completed and stakeholders involved.

Integration with Diaku Axon

When integrated with the Axon Data Insight platform, impact assessments can be mapped at a detailed level to affected (or required) processes, systems, data sets, policies, reports etc. The Axon suite provides full, granular traceability from deliverables back to regulation, and also greatly simplifies future analysis on clarifications / changes to regulation, queries from regulators, etc.

Beyond Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory response efforts always seem to be a race against the clock with little time to engage and understand the business practices of today. Global firms might be operating many large regulatory change programmes and keeping track of their respective requirements and dependencies is most challenging. At the end of the journey the business as usual is then confronted with an ever greater regulatory burden without much understanding of the why and how they all interrelate.

The Diaku Axon Regulation Insight module acts as a central  knowledge repository on requirements and implementation details that can be collaboratively built up as the efforts mature. At the same time can any business function input on impact assessments and any approaches to comply.”

Interpret & decompose

Create visibility of incoming regulation, interpret, decompose and summarise in meaningful and manageable chunks. Diaku has a growing number of partnerships with regulatory content providers so the Regulation Insight tool can come pre-loaded with regulatory data as well as be provided with periodic update feeds.

Assess Impact

Once regulation is interpreted decomposed and summarised, Axon allows you to fire off requests to selected local business areas to draw upon their expertise to collate understanding of impacts that are aligned to todays business reality. As per our mantra of allowing to build understanding progressively initial views can be quickly captured refined thereafter.

Formulate Response

Once impacts are understood at the different levels an approach to comply can be devised. Here again Axon allows to draw upon expertise in the local business areas to collate a response that matches the business reality on the ground.

Create & track project portfolio

Once an approach to compliance has been agreed, the captured impact items can be packaged up into change projects. Those change projects not only have the benefit of those rich local impact assessment but can also tap into upon those local subject matters as required during the implementation of the project. As projects progress the compliance levels are monitored and reported upon. [/service]