Data Governance Software

Data Governance made Accessible, Relevant & Personal

The data landscape at most large firms is pretty scary. To date Data Governance initiatives too often focus on prescribing compliant behaviour through policies, standards, roles & responsibilities etc. This approach fails to excite and engage the business community at large. Diaku Axon provides a compelling data governance software platform for the business to engage by making it dead easy to do so.


No special skills or training is required to interact and get value out of the Diaku Axon software.


Diaku Axon is built on Graph technology to filter down any complex landscape to only those relevant items.


Be informed of changes in your area, governance community or lineage so you can challenge or contribute.

Beyond Data Governance

Effective data management is more than definitions, policies and frameworks. The modern organisation needs tools that connect people and bring a shared understanding of data and its purpose. Diaku is a Gartner recognised data governance innovator, leading the charge in a new wave of data governance software.



Capture data dictionaries and glossaries in business understandable terms and link up with any technical meta-data such as database field names and logical data model concepts.



Collaborate in creating end-to-end data and business flows. Leverage Diaku Axon’s insight maps to visualise flows and expose impacts, dependencies, duplication, fragmentation etc.



Connect data to its business context e.g. processes, projects, regulations etc. to express data in business terms and ensure the broadest possible business engagement.



Doing better around data requires many different disciplines to work in harmony. Diaku Axon allows for effortless, automatic integration of knowledge across functional silos and disciplines.

Diaku Axon - Bringing Context to Data

For Data Governance to be successful it needs to take the conversation out of the data and technology realm and into the business. The Diaku Axon Data Governance software allows you to connect data up to its business context to express data in business terms. Some of the core facets Diaku Axon holds are shown below.

A Platform for Collaboration

Doing better around data requires lots of business functions and data & IT disciplines to work in harmony. This is where a lot of firms  struggles as not only do the different functions and disciplines each have their own perspective and terminology they also each independently produce their own artefacts.

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software platform allows different functions, viewpoints, terminology and artefacts to be connected up like Lego bricks to form an integrated whole. Diaku Axon enables everyone to contribute to a common view regardless of skillset or discipline.

At the same time Diaku Axon’s groundbreaking data governance software leverages graph technology to work out which connections are relevant to any given user to always provide back a view which is understandable and relevant to that user.

Knowledge Democratisation

Good governance is built around knowledge and community. By building a shared view of data and how it is used, across silos and functions Axon brings data into the business and provides use cases that demonstrate the benefits of data and business alignment for a wide variety of stakeholders, from change teams to operations to data practitioners.

Diaku Axon’s innovative data governance software licensing model has no restrictions on the number of users or the roles they undertake, and has a modern, web-based user interface.

The Diaku Axon data governance software is designed to leverage the knowledge already present in your organisation and allow anyone in the organisation to contribute to rapidly connect viewpoints and artefacts and empower your organisation to become data driven.

Diaku Axon Core Features

The Diaku Axon data governance software is fully web-based and easy to use by any data, business or IT user. Listed here are some of core features of the platform. For a full feature list or to find out more, book a demo.

  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Glossary
  • Data Quality Rules Manager
  • Data Policy Manager
  • Business Process Modeller
  • Project & Impact Manager
  • Regulatory Response Manager
  • Configurable Roles
  • Roles Acceptance
  • Default & Custom Workflows
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Role based Access Control
  • Track state and maturity of any item
  • Attach documents of any type
  • Interactive Lineage Maps
  • Rich Interactive Dashboards
  • Export to PDF, Excel, XML etc.
  • Powerful Unison Search
  • Bulk Upload from Excel
  • Easy Bulk Edit
  • Machine learning features
  • No per user restriction on license
  • On-premise or Cloud
  • IE7 or above
  • Standard API for integration
  • Single Sign-on Integration
  • Horizontally Scalable
  • Built on Graph Technology

What our customers say

Diaku set out purely as a consulting firm of data scientists, information governance and data practitioners. At almost all of our clients we found there was a need for a far more accessible understanding of the firm's data. The Diaku Axon Data Governance Software enables the transformation for firm to truly become more data centric.

The Diaku team and their Axon platform helped us break the cycle of chaos creation and establish understanding and responsibility around data.
Head of DataWholesale Bank, UK
Diaku Axon allows us to easily keep a current view of how data is being used today. This knowledge gives us the power to improve our organisation.
COOInvestment Bank, UK