Diaku Data Governance Resource sheet

Below you will find some Diaku Data Governance resources for you to download. A first section deals with Diaku's approach to Data Governance, a second section has a number of fact sheets on Diaku's Data Governance value propositions. A third section has some typical Diaku Data Governance use cases for your to download. Do reach out if you want to find out more.

Diaku’s Approach

Building on the popular session at this year’s IRM UK DG and MDM conference, the Diaku team are bringing their 5 Must Do’s for Data Governance Success to the web. More Info
Short pack describing Diaku’s approach to take data governance beyond data dictionaries, roles and policies and into the business reality. Download
An integrated and cross-disciplinary understanding of the data landscape is key to meeting BCBS239 compliance. This detailed pack outlines how the Diaku Data Governance software and methodology addresses the challenges of BCBS239. Download
While projects have a set scope, data flows across organisational boundaries. This pack provides some practical guidance on how to incorporate data quality and data governance efforts in and across projects. Download

Fact Sheets

Fact sheet on how Diaku’s Data Governance approach enables clients to go beyond the classical data governance conversations and understand the business context and relevance of their data. Download
One-pager on Diaku’s collaborative approach to empowering its clients to build a better understanding of their core data assets and the business relevance of those. Download
One-pager on how our partner Xceed has applied the Diaku Axon Data Governance software to drive their data landscape simplification value proposition. Download

Case Studies

This pack outlines some sample case studies on how Diaku’s Data Governance software has been successful applied in delivering business value and driving cultural change. Download