Diaku Axon Data Governance Software Setup & Rollout

Diaku supports you in getting the data governance software installed and configured to your requirements fast. Our team supplements your data governance capability in short sprints to capture understanding and build a data community.

With the ability to work in both well and poorly documented environments, a typical engagements last between 4-12 weeks to bring transparency and understanding to a critical area.

Data Governance function Set-up

Diaku can support your data governance initiative with both in-house expertise and through our global network of partners.

From key personnel to full service design and organisational roll-out, our teams have proven experience delivering world-class solutions in the most challenging environments.

Bespoke Project Support

Through its multi-faceted approach the Diaku Axon Data Governance software does not only server the data communities, but equally enables you to work with change programs, regulatory team, and across the business functions to improve the way data is being governed and managed.

Our teams have decades of experience working in project environments to deliver data-driven value to enterprises all over the world.

Training & Certification

Diaku experts offer bespoke training courses on how to get the most out of your Diaku Axon Data Governance software as well as data governance training course both on fundamentals and advanced topics like how to drive cultural change across the organisation.

Also offered is our popular Diaku Axon Practitioner course, providing official accreditation as a Diaku Axon data governance practitioner.