Solutions by Function

As the Diaku Axon Data Governance software allows you to connect data to its business context it enables you to connect into real business challenges. Not only is data being expressed in business terms, the respective business communities are brought into the model ready to contribute.

Data Governance

Tired of having to defend the value of good governance over and over again? Struggling to get real business engagement? Connecting data to its business context will make a world of difference.


Data fields only ever seem to get added, never removed. Are all data items still equally relevant? Diaku Axon allows you to understand the business relevance and materiality of data. Optimise operations through an improved end-to-end understanding of data and business flows. 


Why should every project start with a mad scramble of people quizzing people on what exactly the as-is state is again? Diaku Axon allows you to build up corporate memory and have the as-is no more than a few clicks away.

Regulatory Response

The regulatory pressures only seem to increase, with overlapping and contradicting definitions and requirements across programmes. Diaku Axon’s Regulation Insight module allows you to connect regulatory requirements to your data and business resource they affect.

Solutions by Use Case

As the Diaku Axon Data Governance software provides an easily accessible, integrated and contextual view of data, many different use cases can be served. A shared understanding brings people together and drives natural control.

  • Data Governance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Progressive Data Lineage
  • Document Management Support
  • Reference Data Standardisation
  • Trace Data Sources
  • Definition Standardisation
  • Big Understanding for Big Data
  • Data Quality in Context
  • Accelerated Understanding
  • Change Program Optimisation
  • Business to Technical Mapping
  • Data Quality Standards
  • The Lean / Agile Enterprise
  • Managing Regulatory Change
  • Current State Analysis

Solutions by Regulation

Most global industries are now heavily regulated. In recent years firms with a significant geographical footprint have seen the cost of their regulatory compliance efforts grow significantly. Insight into the regulatory landscape and how they might impact your business is now a strategic imperative.


The EU is about to publish their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR will replace the current Directive on the topic. Since directives still need national law in each of the member states to be enforceable, the regulation will harmonise and simplify the existing legislative landscape.

GDPR expands the territorial reach to any firm offering goods or services to EU subjects even if their data controller or processors resides outside the EU. Other high impact items include the establishment of a Data Protection officer, provision of explicit consent, data subject inquiries and the right to be forgotten. Add to that that the regulation has increased sanctions for infringement up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover and the regulation is definitely getting board level attention.

Given the far reaching implications of the GDPR, Diaku is already working with clients who are not waiting for the final text to be published.


BCBS239 or in full Principles of Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting by The Basel Committee. It is a principles based paper that in short tells banks to get their house in order when it comes to data.

BCBS239 explicitly challenges the silo driven structure of banks today with clear requirements to bring a holistic enterprise understanding of risk data, risk data aggregation & reporting. Holistic refers to both the understanding, which must span many disciplines, and to the community, where business, IT and Risk functions need to collaborate to bring consistency and control across the data life cycle.

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software is being leveraged by clients to satisfy the BCBS239 requirements and to establish a more collaborative and integrated approach to data and its governance across functional disciplines and silos.

Senior Management Regime

The UK regulator is in the process of issuing a new regulatory framework to strengthen the accountability of Senior Management in their financial services industry. The firm’s most senior management will need to be vetted and approved by the regulator. For the next level down the regulator has drafted a number of signification harm function where the firm needs to ensure it certifies those in charge to be accountable and proper.

Diaku Axon is supporting clients in their readiness for SMR compliance by providing an inventory of senior management and other relevant functions and generating accountability maps.

Solvency II

The Solvency II directive has a significant section on data. All data that could materially impact any internal model is brought into scope. Similar to BCBS239 it prescribes clear understanding of the data being used, its impact, vulnerabilities and sensitivities. At the same time it demands adequate oversight through data governance and quality control measures.

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software is being deployed to support data governance efforts for Solvency II and act as single source of information about the firm’s data.

Solutions by Industry

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software is generic in its setup to bring an accessible understanding of data and its business context irrespective of its industry application. The Diaku Axon Data Governance Software has been proven across a number of industries and use cases.

Financial Services

Financial Services has seen aggressive growth and consolidations over the last couple of decades. This has left large firms with a very complex and fragmented data and business landscapes. Add to that an inundation of new regulatory requirements since the financial crisis in 2008 with BCBS239 being the most data focused one.

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software is proven to be instrumental to our FS clients to creating a better understanding of their data and meet the BCBS239 requirements.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences firms have always generated vast amounts of data. Only over the last period firms have become acutely aware of the value potential within their data. With time-to-market being a critical success factor data needs to be treated to the corporate asset to unlock its full value potential.

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software is being deployed to support data stewardship efforts and increase availability and re-use of research data.


The Insurance industry has long been seen as most conservative especially in adopting new practices and technologies. In recent recent years there has been an awakening to how technology and in particular data can be instrumental in generating significant value in fraud detection, risk modelling, risk assessments etc. At the same time the regulator has challenged the industry through the Solvency II programme to strengthen its governance & control frameworks around data.

The Diaku Axon Data Governance software is being deployed to support data governance efforts and meet the Solvency II requirements.